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After finishing the Yoga teacher training ‘Yoga Moves’ Leila Bakhtali wanted to share insight into the vast knowledge of Yoga, besides focussing on the ‘asanas’ (postures) which are an important part of Yoga but often isolated from the other equal important parts. At the same time Ishtar was studying Classical Indian Music (Dhrupad & Carnatic music) which originates from the Vedas. As these two elements complement and enforce each other the idea to offer workshops together got born. In the four hour workshops the sisters offer a taste and a ‘map’ of the vast territory that Yoga is, in order to let people experience what Yoga can entail and mean for them besides the physical benefits.

Next to the ‘movement’ and ‘sound’ approach both sisters are actively practicing meditation and deepening their knowledge of Vedic culture through literature and travel.

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Workshop Yoga & Sound

Initiated by sisters Leila and Ishtar Bakhtali, the Yoga & Sound workshops are designed to connect to our inner silence, to the space that we all are in essence. The workshops include a vinyasa flow class and live vocal concert with tanpura. Through the asana practice we become grounded in the here and now, open to receive the mesmerising sounds of Indian devotional music. Time is also given to explore pranayama (breathing exercises), yoga philosophy and mantras. A variety of gateways to experience peace. Everybody is welcome. Don’t hesitate to contact us for further info. Check our Facebook page for more info and upcoming Workshops: @YogaAndSound

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Carnatic Music & Dhrupad

Carnatic Music is the Classical music from South-India. Just like Dhrupad; the oldest classical music from North-India, it originates from Vedic times and is devotional music.

Traditionally the music is played over a ‘drone’ a repeating sequence of notes over which melody and rhythm is sung or played. First meant as devotional music, secondly for own meditation and thirdly for the audience this music can take both the performer and listener to a state of calmness and inner focus. There is a lot of space for microtones and bending of the notes which form the most recognisable characteristic of the styles.

Ishtar is the student of RAPHAËLLE BROCHET Voice (Carnatic & Jazz singer) and Raphaelles teacher Smt. Sarada Thota (Carnatic Veena player and singer) that Ishtar visited to receive training in India. She also studies with Marianne Svašek (Dhrupad vocal/sarangi) at the Music World department of Codarts.